Cosmetic Vector Mockup Black Bottle

blackbottle_cm-02- blackbottle_cm-07- blackbottle_cm-04- gold_cm-01- blackbottle_cm-01- blackbottle_cm-03- blackbottle_cm-05- blackbottle_cm-06-

Realistic cosmetic products and elements vector mockup pack. Different packages and flask that fit great with each other. Completely customizable bottles, sprays, dispenser bottles and many more different types of packages all in one. Presentation in front views. You can create unlimited presentations with different views of the same label design. Also include design template labels light version and a dark.

All fonts are converted to curves.

All mockup illustration saved in EPS 10. JPG preview illustrations.


  • cosmetics set / grayscale / with design label
  • container for cream
  • spray
  • tube
  • bottle for gel
  • soap pump

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